The White Lady of Rougemont

The ruins of Rougemont were haunted by a white lady who often appeared to children, preferably young girls. She would speak to them in a very soft and sad voice, asking them to save her in the name of the Virgin Mary or Saint Catherine, which in turn would grant them great treasures.
One day, a young girl of the village saw her searching amongst the collapsed stones. The White Lady called out to her:
– ‘Come here, young Jane, I have known you for a long time and I know you are brave enough to save me. Will you have mercy upon me? I am so very miserable.’
– ‘Of course, my beautiful lady, I will certainly have mercy upon you, and I will do anything you command, provided it does no harm to my eternal salvation!’
– ‘Not to worry, I will never ask anything from you that would do a disservice. You must come here on a Friday night. When the bell strikes eleven o’clock, you will cry out: ‘Holy Virgin Mary and Saint Catherine, protect me!’ Thereupon, you will see a dragon breathing fire. Fear not, but take him by the mouth and thrust your hand under his tongue, where there you will find a golden key. Take it, then walk down the stairs of the ruins. There is a door at the end of the corridor. Open it with the key, and beyond you will find a great treasure all to yourself, all but the ciborium made of gold and covered with gemstones, which you will bring to the parish priest. Upon the first time thereafter that he celebrates the mass, I will be saved.’

The child did as she was told, but when she found herself in the presence of the dragon, her fear was such that she did not have the courage to fight, and she ran away, screaming in terror. Then she heard the White Lady howl and say:
– ‘Oh! My God, I am once again a prisoner for the next hundred years!’